About us

We are in Nigeria, especially in the South East (comprising of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi , Enugu , Imo ) and Africa in general .

The Aegis Widows Support Network ( AWSN) takes its root and operation from, Aegis Empowerment Initiative (AEI) an NGO duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) in August 2012 with headquarters in Abuja. Amongst AEI primary objectives are to empower youths , children and women on Financial literacy, to study and plan together for  the solution  of problems that are common to children, youth and women.

 Leveraging on AEI objective of studying and planning for solution to problems common to women , children and youth , the Aegis Widows Support Network was birthed . It is common knowledge that when a woman loses a husband to death, the future of  the family of the deceased, the woman and her  children( especially the young and vulnerable)  face many challenges:  economic, emotional, physical and existential threats associated with many years of wicked, archaic and inhuman widowhood practices against the women folk in Nigeria, Africa and most poor and developing Nations.  

The widows network is created to enable widows and their children support and inspire each other, speak up against inhuman widowhood practices in the 21st century space. AWSN will join forces with other activists on this subject to sustain advocacy drive to enable relevant state, federal and religious bodies to evolve appropriate legislations, policy measures to end wicked customs and tradition that promote unfair widowhood practices. It is created to enable the widows bond, network, share their widowhood experiences, help one another emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and economically.

Our Mission

To end harmful widowhood practices through strong advocacy for the implementation of Human Right Laws by stakeholders and empowerment.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading support networks for widows survival in Nigeria and globally.


Leadership by example, Equity, Empathy , Accountability and Transparency ( LEEAT).


Do unto others as you want to be done to you.

help is our main goal!

To inspire widows to say no to cultural practices that affect their health, human right, freedom, self-esteem, religious belief and practices .
To promote advocacy for the formulation and implementation legislations and policies that will bring an end to all inhuman, abominable and harmful widowhood practices in Nigeria, especially in the South East (comprising of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi , Enugu , Imo ) and Africa in general .
To enlighten / educate women and girls what the life of widowhood entails, and how to cope with life as a widow with a family to cater for in a male dominated space.
To secure basic human rights for widows through advocacy for the girl child education, skills and personal development
To enable widows to network, share their widowhood life experiences, their sorrows , joys and support each other emotionally, morally, socially and physiologically so as to reduce chances of mental health issues.
To offer free counselling sessions to widows both old and young in any areas of their interest for their survival.
To promote economic empowerment of vulnerable widows and their children. Empowerment via training in various trades/ skills eg hospitality, event Management, ICT- Fintech, Digital marketing, fashion designs, makeup artist , cottage industry venture etc and provision of soft loan to start off business of beneficiaries interest and passion.
To encourage Widows to take part in politics if they so wish to.
To inspire widows that they have a life to live after a loss of a husband, a duty to carter for the children and keep a life the good legacies of the deceased spouse.
To above all , Keep faith and hope in God, the author and giver of life.






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Planning solution to problems common to women , children and youth

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