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Send Widow’s Child To School For Education

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The widows network is created to enable widows and their children support and inspire each other, speak up against inhuman widowhood practices in the 21st century space. AWSN will join forces with other activists on this subject to sustain advocacy drive to enable relevant state, federal and religious bodies to evolve appropriate legislations, policy measures to end wicked customs and tradition that promote unfair widowhood practices. It is created to enable the widows bond, network, share their widowhood experiences, help one another emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and economically.     


our main goals

To promote economic empowerment of vulnerable widows and their children. Empowerment via training in various trades/ skills eg   hospitality, event Management, ICT- Fintech, Digital marketing, fashion designs, makeup artist , cottage industry venture  etc and provision of  soft loan to start off  business of beneficiaries  interest and passion.

  • To Be one of Best Support Network for Widows Survival in Nigeria and Beyond
  • To promote an end to harmful widowhood practices through legislations, policy measures and proactive actions of the relevant stakeholders
  • To inspire widows to say no to cultural practices that affect their health, human right, freedom, self-esteem, religious belief and practices .

join together for charity

To inspire widows to say no to cultural practices that affect their health, human right,  freedom, self-esteem,  religious belief and practices .

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